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I count myself lucky that I was able to grasp a few simple trading strategies quickly and transit into full time trading relatively fast.

In trading, I always believe in the beauty of simplicity. When I was new to trading, I thought that the more I knew, the better I would do. At that time I found myself so overwhelmed with information and I could not progress at all. Eventually, I decided to ditch almost everything I had done and streamlined what I felt was important. I felt that I had wasted so much time then but now in retrospect, I think it is exactly the absence of all these unnecessary knowledge and the need to know too much that has helped me in my trading as I don’t over analyze, but follow my trading plans with absolute faith. Another attribute that I think is important, is that I have very little attachment to money. I respect money and I know its importance, but I do not let the concept of money hold me hostage. The idea of money is another topic that I will touch on another time.

Today, let me talk about what Mentorship is.

When I began Concept of Price more than 13 years ago, I do not want it to be a ‘Hi and Bye’ programme. When you come to my free workshop, I explained that what I am offering is a mentorship programme and there are a few things that I will provide for you if you are to join the community.

As with learning anything from a mentor, progression is usually accompanied with a feedback system. I can assume the natural route for a mentee who is learning to trade the markets would be:

We know that for any person who wants to reach a certain level of mastery in any skill, there is no escape from putting in time and effort, which involves a good degree of personal discipline. Imagine one learning how to parachute, when there is real dangers involved, he would very well make sure all the preparations and tests are taken before he jumps from the plane. Similarly when it comes to trading, there is also the risk of losing money, giving up self-control and spiraling into a financial crisis.

When one looks at a chart on hindsight, the prospect of quick and easy money seems very real and it is incredibly seductive. I suppose that contributes to why so many people feel that the market is an ATM and trading is the answer to all their problems. Let me tell you it is NOT. You only make money from the market by trading well. Profit is only the by-product of a set of skills and if you do not follow the prescribed steps as a mentee, it is unlikely that you will achieve consistency in trading.

About the Author

Marcus Tay became a Full-Time Professional Futures trader in 2003, and is now spending quality time with his family, living life exactly the way he wants. Marcus is well liked for his down to earth, simple and humorous style and sought after for his in-depth knowledge of Price Movements, Trend Reading and Scalping. His trading success has gotten him invited to speak at several forums and trading clubs. He was featured speaker at Traders Fair Singapore October 2019 at Marina Bay Sands. His presented topic : Daytrading using the 10-Minute Rocket Method.

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