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Dom Lim
FX Broker, Sydney Australia

I have been trading currencies for many years as an institutional trader. I must say so far, out of all the courses I have attended, not only COP the easiest to grasp, it is also the most accurate.

Eric Chia
Technical Manager, Singapore

COP technique is pretty simple and straightforward. Importantly, the technique works. The support is good and I really recommend it to people who are serious in daytrading US Index Futures.

Phil Mulhul
Full Time Daytrader, Perth Australia

My performance has changed from a “1 forward 2 backwards” style to now a steadily advancing performance, with confidence and understanding of what I can expect from the markets during a trading day.

A word from Marcus Tay, founder of Concept of Price Trading established since 2007 and featured in Traders Expo 2019 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore:

Dear friend,

Are you tired of long work hours, sacrificing your home life as well as any other dreams you might have, only to feel that you are no further ahead than you were a few years ago? 

For many years, I kept searching for a way that I could work less and spend more time with my young family back then. It was only through trading that I finally achieved my goal.

For the past 13 years, I’ve been privileged to teach my simple trading strategies to hundreds of individuals from diverse backgrounds such as retirees, homemakers, institutional traders, and engineers. Although many of them have no background in trading, but many are now trading successfully and consistently.

What I learned from my experience and that of others is that it is a thin line which separates those who are average, from those who end up at the top of their game. The thin line over which you step to greatness is your ability to recognize opportunities while others just sit on the fence. Whatever your calling in life, you will benefit from the strategies and techniques which have allowed me and countless others to generate the kind of success that can help you achieve everything you want in life. 

Don’t be the kind of person who has dreams which will never come true. Be that person who dare to step out and take action towards his best life yet.

To Your Success,
Marcus Tay 

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To your success,

Marcus Tay
Concept Of Price

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